About Yvonne

When Yvonne Swanton launched Positive Therapeutic Services, she had a vision of establishing a specialist trauma informed service that would support and guide individuals of all ages, genders and life stages toward a more positive future so that they could live their best lives.

She wanted to provide clients with a safe, comfortable and inclusive space that provided the security and acceptance needed to begin the healing process from whatever trauma they had experienced in life.  A space that offered understanding, compassion, respect and empowered clients to break free from all that was holding them back from having the emotionally healthy and happy lives that they desired.

Yvonne is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker She brings over 25 years of knowledge and skills developed across the corporate sector and within the field of mental health, health and disability.

Extensive experience in the treatment of trauma and mental health conditions. An expert in the disability sector.

She has developed extensive experience in the mental health field and disability field whilst working in the hospital and community health sectors with both government and non-government organisations.   Yvonne has built an impressive reputation in her field and is well respected by her peers and appreciated by her clients.

She has an exceptionally high standard of social work skills and knowledge and is experienced in working with clients who have experienced:

  • significant trauma – including childhood trauma
  • sexual assault
  • addiction issues
  • grief and loss
  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • acquired disability
  • complex mental health presentations
  • psychosocial dysfunction.

Yvonne is experienced in providing individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and has developed and facilitated workshops and programs to build self-esteem in pre-teen and teenage girls.

Yvonne has exceptional complex case management skills and outstanding leadership and capacity building abilities.  She adopts a person-centred approach in her work, with a strong focus on establishing rapport and building the therapeutic relationship for optimal client outcomes.  Yvonne is committed to providing a high standard of care to all her clients.